Uncovering the TRUTH about Your Health

Dr. Toby Watkinson


Throughout the past 30 plus years of clinical practice I have always been interested in understanding the cause of my patients’ illness.  I kept asking myself, “Why is this patient sick? Why is their body expressing illness in this way?”  These were the ‘WHYS’ that kept me going to work each day.

During this time I began to see common threads of information which lead me to answer some of my ‘WHY’ questions.  One day, while being interviewed on a radio talk show, the host asked me what I did.  I said, “I am a health detective.  I study the patient’s clues and I solve their health problems.”  It was the most descriptive thing I could say about what I do.

My own talk radio show, “The Health Detective,” was born out of a desire to teach people to look at the same clues I had been examining.  My life’s goal had expanded to not only treating patients, but educating them in finding the clues to their own health concerns. 

So, welcome to the Health Detective website.  I hope you find some useful information here and learn how to read your individual clues for great health!

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Toby Watkinson


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